Posted on Mar 18, 2021

Brand Messaging Strategist Services with Loren Weisman

Car communication that is about car and not conversions to work.

I came in to Action Gator Tire in Hamlin a day ago with questions about my brakes not feeling right and a mileage maintenance tune up on my jeep.

And while it was discovered that the rear brake pads were shot, they really took the time to go over everything to give me the best price and cover the checklist of everything the car needed.

They explained the different options, showed great attention to detail and even told me when I asked if I should have something else done now, that it really could wait for another oil change or maybe two.

This is the third oil change and fourth experience there. I find the team to be on point, great in their communication, never upselling and only looking to help out.

Even though it is one of many shops, they really feel like the neighborhood place that is going to do it right and ensure that everything stays right.
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