Posted on Jun 2, 2021

Brand Messaging Strategist Services with Loren Weisman

Happy birthday to the Wembley Whammer.

I always found Charlie Watts fascinating. Something about his style both behind the drums and in media and interviews.

Soft spoken and ambivalent on some topics, very to the point on others. He has always seemed to be right where he needs to for him and no one else.

I found his touch to be all his own. The space, the choices, the fills and the groove is something so often emulated but rarely met by most.

His diverse background and how his jazz background shaped aspects of rock and roll as we know it still amazes me to this day.

One of my favorite things was not watching his strike on a drum or cymbal but more so the lift of his stick and the way be moved the upstrokes.

His style and his awareness was everything to my drumming and has continued to inspire me in my messaging work too.

Happy Birthday Charlie and thank you for sharing your music, your mind and your work with us for so many years.
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