Posted on Feb 17, 2021

Brand Messaging Strategist Services with Loren Weisman

Consider choosing the "here is how" over the "I know you can" types.

Consider connecting with those that have the authority and ability to show, educate and help you create what you want...

instead of those that only focus on vague directions, hearsay instructions, empty motivation and scripted hype.

Being inspired is not the same as being educated.

The "here is how" authority types are worlds different from the only motivation with little information "I know you can" types.

Choose your path and those you that you want help from on that path wisely.

#authority #expertise #authenticity

And while there are a lot of solid resources, consultants, strategists and coaches that have both the authority and the expertise here... the majority of LinkedIn is filled with those that are not and those that are looking to be paid to tell you that you can, over showing you how.

Connect wisely, vet carefully, examine intricately and take the time to connect with those that can authentically serve and help beyond just inspiring you and telling you what you may want to hear.
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