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Choices made in fear to fix the moment can poison the future.

The last year has revealed a great deal about the authenticity, authority and transparency in many. Highlighting those that stand in love and a great deal of spotlighting those that act in fear.

Consider choosing fear over love and ...

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Consider showcasing the humility, professionalism and decency to discontinue using terms like "your trusted source" until you have earned someones trust and they have chosen to believe that for themselves.

Telling me you are "my" trusted source with no proof, no intelligence, no authenticity ...

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Are you dancing like a puppet for false popularity or designing and distributing authentic content for true authority?

Just because its trending, popular or cool, doesn’t make it something that you should shift your entire content tone and trajection toward. Especially if it is not you.

Happy birthday to the Wembley Whammer.

I always found Charlie Watts fascinating. Something about his style both behind the drums and in media and interviews.

Soft spoken and ambivalent on some topics, very to the point on others. He has always seemed to be right where he needs to for him and n...

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Just because you feel something should be true...
does not make your opinion a fact...
and it
does not mean
it should be true
for everyone else.

Forget the money, show me the morals.

Consider sharing more than the number of
and awards.

All can be bought.
#True #Authority and #Intelligence can not.

I'd rather learn about what you do and how you do it with authenticity and authority, over reading about false h...

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The lack of substantial and objective proof in HOW someone can perform WHAT they claim they can do, may be the root of WHY there is little substance to their content, their ability and their business.

So many claim they want to "help" people and have a business that can help.

It is a select few...

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You have the right to voice your opinion.

and the right to voice your perceptions.

But morally, professionally & respectfully...

you don't have the right to state opinions as a facts.

& don't have the right to claim your perception is the intention of another.

The perception from her...

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A rhythmic tune up for a gut with a few cans of Reliv International Now Product.

New York City Percussionist Doug Hinrichs brings the touch and the time and the creativity for this short tune of sorts.

#relivnow #percussionist #drummer

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2 months ago
Loren was instrumental in getting my podcast (The Otherness Podcast) up and running. His messaging strategy, authenticity, and understanding of the subjectivity and objectivity of my vision was outstanding. Thank you very much!
- Todd L
3 months ago
Heard Loren share in a Clubhouse room and it was a treat. He graciously and willingly shared his knowledge and was eager to help everyone. Need more people like him who are willing to pass on information and not keep the secrets to themselves. Thanks
- Chris A
6 months ago
In my mind I was on the lookout for aid with my marketing with the goal of seeking further clarity for the core message of my brand while also looping together all the channels/ products of it as well. I met Loren through a networking event and was drawn toward his approach and communication style with others in the room. After looking into both his blog and podcast and having a coffee meeting, I was assured that I wanted to move forward. From the start Loren gave guidance of what the process would look like as well as providing resources that are available through not only his website but also others. The sessions following radiated this same sense of clarity while also leaving room for flexibility and play with the concepts. Outside of sessions, I was given homework exercises that I found were powerful in that they pulled out information that could be shuffled as appropriate for the current needs of the messaging. Additionally, I learned the benefits of my own story and find...
- Kristina L

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